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Udit Khurana's Cinematography Showreel 2017
Edited by Tushar Madhav


Documentary on Kashmir’s art forms and protest culture is sadly well-timed

September 19, 2016

The documentary Soz A Ballad of Maladies began filming in 2013 and was completed before the most recent uprising in the Kashmir Valley. First-time filmmakers Tushar Madhav and Sarvnik Kaur explore how dissent and criticism of the ruling powers have been expressed over the decades – and before the independence movement in the late 1980s – through writings, poems and ballads.

Filmmakers Explain Why Art In Kashmir Is Inseparable From Resistance

September 18, 2016

The documentary, ostensibly on the artists of Kashmir, is also a narration of the history of the conflict in the valley. “I haven’t made a song on anything normal, you know. Everything is conflict, conflict, conflict. And it’s true that I cannot think of anything else,” Roushan Illahi, who is more popularly known by his stage-name MC Kash, says in the film. In documenting these voices, Kaur says, they have attempted a departure from “the deliberate and a very constructed image of Kashmir in popular media”.

Through the Lens, Darkly

October 03, 2016

The film intersperses the interviews with extensive shots of the Srinagar landscape, from the famous floating markets on shikaras to shuttered houses and army roadblocks. In the backdrop plays the rabab, women singing and poets reciting their lines. Soz subverts the established narrative by looking at Kashmir before 1947, giving space to the oral history of the ladishah and showing how it contradicts written history that has been approved by the state.

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